Stronger Children – Less Violence!



„Stronger Children – less Violence! “ – is a project with a focus on social-emotional competences of pre-school children.

The main aims are:

o to promote the acquisition of skills to make a non-violent and peaceful cooperation possible.
o to prepare children for the transfer from kindergarten to primary school.


The exercises are composed in a playful way. They refer to needs and interest of pre-school children.


The Content of the trainings program is:


Within the project we develop a handbook for educators. The handbook is a combination of practical background knowledge as well as a collection of games and exercises. The idea is to develop an open program that lives from the input and experiences of educators and kindergarten teachers.

“Stronger Children – less violence” is a multilateral project that is supported by the directorate for general judiciary, freedom, and safety; directorate D: basic rights and civil rights of the EU.

It started in December 2011 and has duration of two years.

The project consortium consists of 7 partner-facilities from 6 different European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, England, Greece, and Italy). The coordination is the Thuringian Association of Adult Education Centres.